Infertility Can Occur In Men, These Are The Causes And How To Prevent It

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Infertility Can Occur In Men, These Are The Causes And How To Prevent It

Screnews – Infertility or infertility has been identified as a problem for women. Whereas based on data, more than 50 percent of the causes of infertility are actually from men. For this reason, it is recommended to do a sperm analysis that should be done before marriage.

So that if something happens that requires therapy, it can be followed up early. Andrology specialist from Unair Supardi said there are various factors that can cause men to become infertile such as bladder infections, disorders of sperm fluid, blockages in the sperm ducts, immunity problems, injuries and genetic factors.

“Varicocele is an example of a case that causes infertility. A varicocele is a dilation of the veins in the male testicles. The exact cause of varicocele is still not known. But what is certain is that the disease causes the number, quality, and movement of sperm produced by the testes to decrease,” he explained in the UNAIR TV program. Dilation of the veins in that area causes the temperature of the testicles and impurities such as carbon dioxide to rise. So that the quality and quantity of sperm production will decrease.

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Dr. Supardi admits that lifestyle problems also trigger infertility. Smoking, for example, reduces the number and vitality of sperm. Alcohol consumption for a long time also reduces male fertility. “Infertility cases refer to married couples who have had normal sexual intercourse without contraception for more than a year, but there is no sign of pregnancy,” he explained.

If so, there is something wrong or less fertile from both sides of the couple. To be said to be fertile, sperm production must be healthy and sufficient. Starting from the normal functioning of the testes, the balance of hormonal conditions and an adequate number of sperm each time you ejaculate. Doctor Supardi further explained that men who are indicated to have fertility problems can consult a specialist. The doctor will take a history and check the quality of the sperm. “Sperm analysis is intended to see the quality of sperm and its various disorders. The examination was carried out macroscopically and microscopically,” he explained.

The results of the sperm analysis, he continued, would include the number of sperm cells in the semen, volume, concentration of normal sperm cells, color, viscosity, motility and morphology of the sperm.

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